• The Ultimate Life-Planning Retreat

    “Five days. Five areas of life. The ultimate way to
    guarantee that you have the best year of your life, so far.”

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AZAYA is a Sanskrit word; it means INTENTION.

Join Eric and Elise Edmeades for a powerfully effective life planning retreat. Use the AZAYA-Process to make sure that the coming year is the best year of your life, so far.

Seven Days. Five Areas of life. Evaluate your beliefs. Review your values. Change old habits. Create new and empowering habits.

The biggest secret to living an exceptional life is to make the decision that you want to. And to then take powerful steps in that direction.

At AZAYA you will set powerful intentions for the life you want and deserve and then, guided by Eric Edmeades, you will evaluate your existing beliefs, values and habits and make the long-lasting changes that will help you create the life of your dreams.

Intentional Living. Discuss.