The AZAYA Experience

November 7-9, 2022
An Exclusive 3-Day Virtual Life Planning Retreat with Eric Edmeades To Help You Design a Life of Purpose

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The AZAYA Process: Explained.


Get Clear. What do you want?
How do you want to live?

Do a deep dive into getting crystal clear on what it is you truly want out of life so you can set an easy to follow course to get there


Determine what's holding
you back.

Understand what obstacles are holding you back and getting in the way of an exceptional life by being prepared to overcome them


Change Your Beliefs.

Examine which unsupportive or limiting beliefs may be holding you back so you can work through them and develop powerful and effective beliefs to replace them

What Others are Saying...


Your Values are the Rules that Control Your Life.

Assess your values, beliefs and habits so that you can create the kind of lasting change that you want in order to get it


Break old habits.
Create new ones.

Learn how to break old habits that are holding you back and then how to create new ones so you get world-class results out of life.

Meet Your LIFE PLANNING Mentor

Eric’s general philosophy is that life is important. He believes we are meant to enjoy our short time here. With that in mind, he is now dedicated to working with entrepreneurs and business owners from all over the world to both inspire and empower them to achieve their full potential and to create truly exceptional lives for themselves, their families and their employees.

Eric is widely regarded as one of the most effective business and personal mentors in the world. His life is a reflection of the results he creates for others. A long-time student of extraordinary living, Eric is extremely good at both inspiring and empowering people to live compelling, enjoyable and rewarding lives.

Eric Edmeades

Leading Authority in Behavioral Change Dynamics

You will leave AZAYA feeling:

You owe it to yourself to invest in designing a life with purpose

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