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Karolina Zuk is an inspirational speaker, lifestyle coach and women empowerment mentor.

Karolina was born in 1981 in Gdansk, Poland, where she studied languages, cultural differences and leadership. The turning point in her life was a breakdown she experienced at the age of 25, which led her to seeking new ways of approaching life.

She has devoted herself completely to self-development and exploring every aspect of it. She has learned how to set goals and achieve them in an exciting and efficient way. This allowed her to completely transform her financial situation – and go from nothing to everything in just a couple of months. She came back to her childhood dreams and made them all come true, becoming an inspiration to the people along the way.

On her quest to find true love and passion, she moved to Norway, where she explored to the fullest her masculine traits and learned everything there is to know as a leader of 110 men in one of the most male dominated industries. This experience gave her an insight into a man’s soul and almost completely destroyed her private life… Most importantly, it allowed her to understand the challenges that today’s women have to deal with when they strive to combine romance, career and family life.

Finding her way to the true feminine essence meant another fundamental transformation – once again she decided to quit her job and focused on learning even more. For the next couple of years she studied with the best teachers she could find, and more importantly, she went deep within herself to discover the truth. On this journey she has not only found the answers to the questions that are bothering women globally, but also she become an international radio and TV expert as well as a transformational speaker with her greatest goal to inspire the grand change you are all capable of making!

Please meet Eric and Elise.

At the very heart of our tribe lies the generous, adventurous and passionate energy that Eric and Elise bring to their programs.

For nearly 10 years Eric and Elise have been traveling the world working with business owners and students to improve their quality of life.

Whether building schools in East Africa or helping business owners internationally, Eric and Elise are highly committed and passionate about their work.

Eric and Elise are both passionate kite boarders and now live in Cabarete, Dominican Republic when they are not on tour working with entrepreneurs around the world.